O2A2 Jam Title “Flotsam Song” Announcement

We are proud to announce our participation in the 2023 O2A2 Jam with new yuri micro-title “Flotsam Song”, a Greek Mythos Yuri NVL. Selinuntius, the last siren, has long lived apart from her kin after becoming stranded while looking for Persephone. Despite numerous attempts from the village on the shore to slay her, none have

Three Lilies Now Out For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories, our yuri ghost story anthology, is now available for download on Itch.io for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android! Download now by visiting this link! A kinetic (choiceless) yuri visual novel by milk+ visual, developer of Soundless, Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories features three distinct stories surrounding ghosts and

Happy New Yuri! 2022 Look-Back, 2023 Look-Forward

Happy New Yuri! 2022 Look-Back, 2023 Look-Forward

Well, everyone, what an active year it was for milk+ visual! After years of near-radio silence with hardly any blips from time to time, it’s nice to finally be back in the development ring. Kinda feels like we’ve been broken out of amber! Last year, we released the 5th anniversary definitive edition of Soundless, raised