[Newsletter Archive] Three Lilies: Release set for tentative early November

Originally published October 23, 2022.

I wanted it to be Halloween, but we can’t all be winners.

Hello everyone! As it turns out, backgrounds can be quite demanding, and a fair amount of the backgrounds have a bunch of little details you need to pay attention to. I was unable to complete all the backgrounds by today. If I had, I would have been comfortable giving Three Lilies a Halloween release date. It’s very unfortunate, but I hope everyone doesn’t mind a November scare! (And we’re going to advertise the shit out of Three Lilies for subsequent Halloweens!)

An abandoned rural Chinese home filled with dusty or abandoned furniture, some personal effects, and a CRT TV.
One of the completed backgrounds for Countryside. This is heavily based off of an empty home in Houtouwan.

At this time, I am at the coloring stage of the first Suburb background. I will complete this one and the other Suburb background first, then go to more demanding City backgrounds first and then gradually move into less demanding ones. If I can squeeze in a progress stream with all this new time, I certainly will! You can see WIPs of the backgrounds posted every so often in the official Discord development channel:


I anticipate all backgrounds to be done this week if I continue the trend of one and a half per day! After that, it’s all staging using the edited script, which is currently in progress thanks to my wonderful editors Cherimoya and Faust. A release date provided when headway has been made on implementation. Please look forward to the release of Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories!

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