[Newsletter Archive] Three Lilies: Meet the Cast

[Newsletter Archive] Three Lilies: Meet the Cast
Three Lilies main protagonists huddled around a flashlight and making scary faces.

Originally published October 28, 2022.

Meet the cast of Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories!

Lineup of the three major characters of Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories: Countryside, from left to right: Yu Huifang, Song Anna, Mysterious Woman

Lily of the Countryside

In ‘90s China, rumors spread of an “inescapable” abandoned fisherman’s village. A young woman falls into thick fog while searching for it. When she comes to, she finds herself in the village…and she’s not alone.

Song Anna

Sprite of a young slightly tanned woman with energetic purple eyes and short purple hair with side-swept bangs. She wears a bright red athletic jacket with white stripes on the sides and a black collar and jeans. Underneath her jacket she wears a low-cut black shirt with a colorful geometric pattern on it.

Protagonist. An unremarkable student at her university and a popular regular at the bars she visits, her hidden passion is exploring abandoned places, a hobby she herself admits is a little reckless.

Yu Huifang

Sprite of a young woman in work jeans and a white collared shirt. Her skin is slightly de-saturated and her eyes are a blank white with no light in them. Her hair is black and shoulder-length, with bangs parted to her left, side bangs of uneven length, and two braids on each side of her head. The back of her hair is slightly wavy, but chopped straight at the end.

A strange girl Anna meets in the supposedly abandoned village. Though while at first she seems resourceful and kind, if a bit scatterbrained, it becomes increasingly evident to Anna that there’s something off about her.

Mysterious Woman

Sprite of a slightly tanned woman of indiscriminate, but younger age, who is facing away from the viewer. She wears a jeans jacket with a popped collar and a white shirt tucked into loose light beige pants. She wears a long earring with a little gold and jade teardrop-shaped jewelry piece at the end. Her hair is auburn and wavy, with half of her bangs straightened and cut bluntly.

A mysterious woman who Anna keeps dreaming of in the village. It seems she visited before Anna came along, but the rumor about the village mentioned a thief coming across it. What really happened on the island when she was there?

Lineup of the three major characters of Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories: Suburb, from left to right: Deja, Aayla, Najwa

Lily of the Suburb

Halloween, 2010s USA. Two college students drive out to pick up the protagonist’s little sister and her friends from a party. While leaving, they get lost, and soon find themselves in an empty copy of the neighborhood…


Sprite of a young dark-skinned Black woman with gentle brown eyes, thick brows and short relaxed hair styled so that all her bangs are swept to the left side of her face. She wears a grey oversized sweater with a large collar and an orange maxi skirt.

Protagonist. An aspiring screenwriter. Quiet and very observant…maybe too observant, if her anxiety has anything to say about it. It is very difficult to coax her out of her shell, but when you manage to do it, the passion hiding underneath is revealed.


Sprite of a young brown woman with long pink hair, relaxed grey eyes, thick dark brows and two moles underneath her right eye. She wears a black choker, a leather jacket, a red plaid skirt, and a grey t-shirt that has light grey splatters and a drippy "Comment te dire adieu" written on it.

Aayla’s girlfriend, as well as her roommate and fellow student. While Aayla is the quiet one, Najwa is extroverted with gusto. She’s super into goth subculture and horror; a shared adoration for Halloween brought Aayla and Najwa together in the first place.


Sprite of a dark-skinned Black teenager with cheerful brown eyes, a smile, thick brows and natural hair styled so that she has two buns on the lower back of her head and two more buns on top of her head styled into cat ears. Halloween-themed hair clips decorate the top buns. She wears a black long-sleeved t-shirt underneath a grey shirt with a stylized skull with a red ribbon and eyelashes on it. The grey shirt is cut short and the collar is cut up so that it sits lopsided over the long shirt; there are also various other cuts made to the sleeves and near the collar to give the impression the shirt has been tastefully "destroyed". She wears black yoga pants with a neon green band.

Aayla’s little sister, who has a knack for getting dragged into things due to her desire to impress others. She likes to experiment with fashion and tends to be good at any game she plays.

Really wants a cat, but the lease says no.

Lineup of the three major characters of Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories: City, from left to right: Kiran, Tara, Anzu

Lily of the City

In the 2030s, floating cities have been erected due to climate change. One such city suddenly experiences an unusual blackout. Two plant maintenance workers, one’s childhood friend, and the island’s director investigate…


Sprite of a smiling brown woman with long, wavy brown hair tied into two low ponytails, and black cheerful eyes. She wears a futuristic black-and-yellow nuclear plant maintenance uniform.

Protagonist. A plant maintenance worker with plenty of grievances, though she hides them under a smile and softens her words when asked. Her bright nature always makes her a light in any room she enters, but her heart holds more weights than one may think.


Sprite of an unimpressed pale woman with long purple hair with uneven blunt bangs cut from high to low and sharp golden eyes. She wears a futuristic black-and-yellow nuclear plant maintenance uniform.

One of Tara’s girlfriends who also works in the plant. Unlike Tara, she’s swift to deliver her complaints. Make no mistake, though: her passions are presented in the same manner, and while she hates other aspects of her job, she’s genuinely fond of hands-on work.


Sprite of a neutral-faced brown woman with long brown hair and straight blunt bangs, neutral dark brown eyes, and a mole under her right eye. The tips of the back of her hair end wavy. She wears a light peach tunic tucked into very high-waisted jeans.

Tara’s other girlfriend and childhood friend who won the controversial “survivor lottery”. Her expression rarely betrays what she’s feeling. Kiran can be blunt and has a strange sense of humor; you may find she’s laughing on the inside at the oddest things.

Three Lilies is releasing in November, and it’ll be free! Follow us on Itch to get it as soon as it releases!

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