Newsletter Moving Thanks To Elon

Hi! This is a really quick post we’re sending out because it’s an emergency. Revue may be going down since it’s owned by Twitter.

If you would like to get posts similar to the newsletter delivered right to your e-mail, please subscribe to the WordPress blog. We will be posting anything that would have been a newsletter issue to there from here on out. You can subscribe right here:

Sadly, we cannot import subscribers from the Revue newsletter onto here. Everyone must manually subscribe.

If you know how to work an RSS feed like Feedly, then you can subscribe to the devblog’s feed using this link: If you don’t know about RSS feeds, we recommend you look into them as a reliable way to get new posts. Apps like Feedly will notify you when there is a new post and let you read it from there.

If you would like another way of reading these long-form posts, please check out our official page, Tumblr, and Cohost (still being set up) and follow on there.

For shorter updates, there’s always the Twitter (which we’re not sure how long will be around). We now have an Instagram (still being set up), and our Discord server is always your best bet for little blips of development updates and immediate pings for when games release. Sometimes short updates will be posted to Tumblr and Cohost as well.

And of course, you can always check our website when fancy strikes.

Our newsletter issues all have mirrors on Tumblr, but we will also be backing them up to the development blog immediately.

Sorry for suddenly ringing the alarm bells! Please be sure to keep up with us on these alternative social medias!

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