March 2019 Monthly

March 2019 Monthly

:blobsweats: So! We missed January and February. Life hit us like a truck. There were some setbacks. You know how it is with one-man teams. Here are our mildly crunchy plans. Get the new website done…now…please By all means, the new site design is nearly done–we just need to put the finishing touches on the

Soundless Sample Page Released

The sample page for Soundless has finally been released! You can view it here. There are a couple of new CGs that can be viewed. There’s also a new commemorative banner celebrating the upcoming release date on the website’s front page. The full version of the image can be seen here. With this, we really

Welcome to the new MILK+ Website!

Thanks to our new web hosting service and domain, the entity MILK+ is now separate from my own personal portfolio! Naturally, this also includes my old blog, which will become a personal blog as well. What you’re seeing now is the brand new blog. From here on out, any information about the development of Soundless,