March 2019 Monthly

March 2019 Monthly


So! We missed January and February. Life hit us like a truck. There were some setbacks. You know how it is with one-man teams.

Here are our mildly crunchy plans.

Get the new website done…now…please

By all means, the new site design is nearly done–we just need to put the finishing touches on the mobile version. Here’s a sneak peak of the desktop version.

Look at that modern shine!

A new wind on the horizon…

You may have noticed something interesting about that cap up there. We’ll confirm it when it’s time, but for now your guess is probably right.



Lonely Ruby Aria is still a draft. We’re not prepared to show any text snippets. However, the art book & compendium section for the deluxe edition has gotten a little attention. We’ve already figured out how we want to design the pages for it, too.

And we’re drawing pretty new character art!

Regarding the mobile version: last month was supposed to be the month we put it together, but like we said before, life happened. The important thing about the mobile port is that we need to make the UI mobile-friendly. The quick menu in particular is fine on PC, but an absolute UX nightmare on a phone.

We might also have to overhaul how the game puts down each line, for both the PC and the mobile version. Here’s why: Right now, in order to get that When They Cry/Sayonara wo Oshiete style of NVL presentation, we use some slightly clunky methods involving a lot of {w} tags so that different click-to-continue icons can show up. However, Ren’Py can now detect which icon it’s supposed to use; all our clunky method does today is make it so that the history screen looks a little funny.


The three most important things on our plate right now: get draft done, remake what little art that’s been finished, overhaul the UI.

During development, 7388 has taken a slightly different turn (but not too drastic; it’s still a comfy-ish yurige about a box and a funny looking android). Because of this, we plan on releasing a second demo when the time is ripe.

The Patreon…

Thanks to the discovery of SessionBox, the Patreon will return to the forefront. We’re also going to look over it and refine it (again) when we have the time. Between the Patreon and the Discord, it’s been a learning experience, but we think we’re starting to become experts at this.

PAPAIRA’s Health

I’ve discovered the secret to surviving crunch. It’s water, wrist exercises, and to-do list apps.

This concludes the monthly. For more frequent updates, a spot to chat, and a way to directly demand information from PAPAIRA so she can’t run away, join the milk+ Discord!

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