Welcome to the new MILK+ Website!

Thanks to our new web hosting service and domain, the entity MILK+ is now separate from my own personal portfolio! Naturally, this also includes my old blog, which will become a personal blog as well.

What you’re seeing now is the brand new blog. From here on out, any information about the development of Soundless, site updates, or anything else under the MILK+ name and not my own will be announced here instead of the old blog. Also, I’ll probably start using “we” instead of “I”. That’s a thing you have to do even if you’re working alone. Or something. It makes you look professional.

Meanwhile, over on the portfolio site, you can still find my commission information as well as my new gallery. As I slowly begin to separate the old and the new, you’ll notice they’ll still have elements of each other (i.e. the “icon commissions” announcement banner on this site); eventually those will be phased out and their only relation will be links to one another.

How will this affect Soundless? Aside from pushing the poor release date back (;_;), not much will be different at all. The layout for the website is also unchanged – it’s just located at a new URL now.

To view old entries pertaining to the website that are still on the old blog, click here. To view old entries pertaining to Soundless, click here.

If you encounter any problems with the new site OR the old site, please contact me at support@milkplusvisual.com right away.

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