Happy New Yuri! 2022 Look-Back, 2023 Look-Forward

Happy New Yuri! 2022 Look-Back, 2023 Look-Forward
image of milk+ visual mascots magenta milk and monochrome matrimony in blue and pink new years outfits and bunny ears jumping in the air as they hold hands. behind them is the text 2023 and milk+ visual
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Well, everyone, what an active year it was for milk+ visual! After years of near-radio silence with hardly any blips from time to time, it’s nice to finally be back in the development ring. Kinda feels like we’ve been broken out of amber!

Last year, we released the 5th anniversary definitive edition of Soundless, raised $320 USD in relief donations, and basically nearly completed Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories. I am so very proud of all these accomplishments, and I’m happy that everyone has enjoyed their time with the new stuff and helped out with getting money to people in need.

We also got a new member of the team on board: Cherimoya! While Cherimoya is currently simply assisting with things like promotional art and editing from time to time, Cherimoya will soon be helping with writing as well.

This year, we can look forward to more great things. Here’s the plan so far, granted nothing goes awry:

Three Lilies Release


I’ve been holding off on doing much because of the holidays. Actual progress update this week!

One Month Break & New Mascot

Exactly what it says! After Three Lilies is out, there will be a one month break. Need to replenish the juice.

During this one month development break, Magenta’s girlfriend will finally be incorporated into the branding and her official design sheet will be released. Meet Monochrome Matrimony! She is the girl on the right in the above image!

With a penchant for sharp things, Monochrome was recruited into Magenta’s roleplay as the surgeon to her nurse. While Magenta wields a syringe, Monochrome wields a scalpel. She is very creepy and wet unlike her peppy chipper girlfriend.

Neither of these people should be performing any sort of medical procedure!

Soundless Android Port & Art Patch & Artbook

Following the one-month break, development will begin for the Soundless Android port and an art update patch. For the art update patch, players will be able to choose between new art and old for the main story, and the CG gallery will be split into three separate sections: old art, new art, and Adiaphoron.

Naturally, the artbook will come with all the new art. Since the artbook wasn’t released at the end of last year as planned, might as well just put it in and release later, right?

7388 Development Starts Up Again

Once everything Soundless is at last squared away, 7388 will at last be worked on again!

At this time, a release can’t really be divined from this roadmap. However, making 7388 a commercial project is being floated so that future projects can be better funded. The sale price likely won’t be very much. It would be cool if it released at the end of next year, though. But I’m asking a lot from myself there.

The structure is going to be very fun if I can figure out how to organize it…! I’ll explain more later.

Releasing on Steam

In the past, I have been wary about releasing anything on Steam due to its bad track record with visual novels, its DRM, and its underhanded tactics to secure a monopoly. However, should the current model of releasing only on Itch remain not viable, Steam may be pursued as another platform to sell on. Because that’s life, I guess.

In the event this happens, 7388 would get priority, and then if I’m able to make the $200 to get them on there, Soundless and Three Lilies would be added to our Steam catalog as well. Due to its content, POLYCHROMANIA will not be considered for sale on Steam (or at the very least, I don’t plan on fighting Steam alone for that one).


Development for POLYCHROMANIA will begin again after 7388 is released. One thing at a time.

That concludes this (kind of late) New Year’s post. HAPPY NEW YURI!

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