Three Lilies Now Out For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Promotional image depicting the three distinct stories in Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories: the suburban horror, with all the characters huddled together in fear before a birdfeather with a bloodstain underneath, a phone with a glitching GPS behind them giving a direction to loop in a circle; the rural romance, with the heroine smiling as she covers the eyes of the kneeling protagonist in a misty world, a mysterious, faceless woman looming over them all the while; the floating city sci-fi thriller, with silhouettes of said floating iceberg-like city and major players on the island, one smirking as he holds a gun; one of the heroines is bleeding from her head as she merges into the lower half of the city; at the very bottom, another heroine in a radioactive suit is grabbing onto the protagonist as she hangs off the edge, pulled down by ghastly green hands into the water. Text on image reads the title of the game and “Now Available”.

Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories, our yuri ghost story anthology, is now available for download on for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android! Download now by visiting this link!

A kinetic (choiceless) yuri visual novel by milk+ visual, developer of Soundless, Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories features three distinct stories surrounding ghosts and lesbian relationships. A romance set in 90s rural China; a horror set in 2010s suburban America; a sci-fi thriller set on a fictional 2030s floating island—one after another, witness three stories and see how thin the line separating us from the afterlife truly is.


  • ~30k words, with around ~10k words per tale
  • Highly active cinematic experience
  • Accessibility features such as font choices, image and audio captions, screenshake disable, and a photosensitive mode
  • Chapter select following the first clear of the game
  • 9 anime-style CGs and a gallery that allows you to view CGs, backgrounds, and cut-ins.

Thank you all for your support. Without you, Three Lilies would have never become a reality! Please enjoy!

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