[Newsletter Archive] Three Lilies: Script Finalizing, CGs Complete, Backgrounds in Progress

Originally published October 21, 2022.

We are SO CLOSE.

Now that Final Verse is out, I’ve immediately returned to finishing up Three Lilies. A lot was done prior to the start of Final Verse’s development, so now I’m just finishing up the loose ends!

At this time, I am refraining from giving a solid release date until the backgrounds are sorted out. If they’re completed by Sunday, then please expect an announcement!

All Scripts Now Being Finalized

The second drafts have been finished and they have been passed on to the editors. We are now just touching it up and making sure it’s the best it can be. Each story is 10k+ words each. Lint will provide a final total word count.

All CGs Completed

All of the CGs have been completed! There are 3 CGs per story. Here is one for the road:

Yu Huifang sobbing with rage as a mysterious woman confronts her against a misty sea and sky.
From Countryside.

Backgrounds In Progress

The dimly lit hallway of a house, with dull carpet and paint and three doors. Various frames and art pieces are hung up on the walls, including an empty photo frame, a quartet of abstract art that looks suspiciously like two Suburb characters, a sign that says Home Home Sweet in cursive, and framed paintings that are difficult to make out.
A Suburb background.

11 backgrounds remain. Of these backgrounds, 2 remain for Countryside, 2 for Suburb, and City takes the lion’s share at 7. 5 of these backgrounds are already in progress in some way.

The day this newsletter was sent is dedicated to completing the 2 for Countryside and the 2 for Suburb. Tomorrow will be City day. I apologize for the lack of progress streams to go with these! I would like to start them back up when 7388 development resumes, so please look forward to next year.

Additional Stuff

A new main menu/promotional image is also being made, and so are multiple promotional images! I hope to finish the extra promotional images in time. I’ve also finished up all the icons for the Windows installer.

Pixel blob faces of Kiran and Anzu looking down at the viewer. They have identical speech bubbles next to them with a large red X inside.
The uninstall icon.

Also, about the Soundless donation drive

Shouldn’t be long until the payout’s review is completed and then I can send the funds to the organizations! Real human beings on Itch’s staff comb through the payouts, which is why it takes so long. The current estimated amount of fees taken out of the payout is ~$8 USD according to the review page, which thankfully isn’t much. It may increase post-payment; we’ll just have to see.

And one more Soundless thing…

I’d like to remind everyone again of the open Q&A for the artbook, which will be open for questions until November 5th! If you have a question, please get it in beforehand.

Link to Q&A.

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