[UPDATE] Drive Concluded — $320 USD Raised, Itch-raised Donations Sent!

[UPDATE] Drive Concluded — $320 USD Raised, Itch-raised Donations Sent!
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10/26/22: The payout has at last been received! The difference of $8.04 in fees and adjustments was made up for and $88.44 was split evenly between the organizations! Thank you so much, everyone!

paypal transaction confirmation confirming that 4,953.29 Philippine Peso was sent to Aevejohn Alcantara (For our farmers PH) and $88.44 USD was sent to Brigada Solidaria del Oeste
(Note: the Philippine Peso amount would convert to $92.87 USD due to an additional $4.43 conversion fee.)

The drive has concluded!

We raised $320 USD total! Funds raised through Itch will be requested when the 1 week hold on them is lifted (should happen tonight!). We will keep you updated.

All gifts released can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Lrcmrs3NH5VUOflwjnBsfYq-15kJ5p7l?usp=sharing

Well done, everyone!

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