[Newsletter Archive] (SPOILER ALERT) Soundless FV: Adiaphoron’s Presentation

Originally published September 17, 2022.

You shouldn’t be reading this post if you haven’t finished Soundless!

Unlike the main Soundless story, Adiaphoron looks a little different.

In SayoOshi, save for a rare few times, the sprites do not change expressions. Instead, you will occasionally see an expression as a sketch cut-in.

A screenshot of Sayonara o Oshiete featuring the main heroine Mutsuki standing in an afternoon classroom. To the left of her sprite is a close-up sketch of her looking concerned.
Average reaction to an H scene in SayoOshi.

To cut down on asset creation time and staging, I chose a similar approach with Adiaphoron. Everyone looks different, and I felt as if cracking open the old sprite files, adding the new looks, then throwing all the expressions into waifu2x for hours would be too tedious and would also make them not match with the new CGs at all. On top of that, I would have to keep typing out expression changes as I implement the script and spend so much time deciding just which one to use or whether to make a new one and go upscale that one and then provide image descriptions for that expression change…This way, all I need to put in is expression changes of major importance. Everything else can be written in the text.

And this doesn’t even go into the presence of a character who needed her pose completely changed because she’s not brainwashed here.

Angelica's new epilogue sprite, with her original brown hair and eyes, stands in the downhill part of Phada wearing only her dress shirt and a black skirt. There's a bandage wrapped around her hand. A grey overlay shadows the entire screen, and to the right is Angelica making a scary and cold expression. "This is a mockup" is written in the corner.

It will look a little different from SayoOshi in action, of course. You only talk to one girl at a time at her designated location in SayoOshi (most of the time), so her sprite is always to the right, and her expressions will be aligned to the left. In Adiaphoron, the expression goes wherever it needs to go, because there will often be two characters on the screen. Usually to the other side of its respective character, but not always.

Now, you may be asking…what happens in Adiaphoron? Will you ever talk about it?

No, because it’s a surprise. (Edit: I did actually end up talking about it…? Why did I say this.)

The next issue will be a bit, and will likely be the last one. I’m running out of things to talk about and the release is soon!

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