O2A2 Jam Title “Flotsam Song” Announcement

Flotsam Song logo

We are proud to announce our participation in the 2023 O2A2 Jam with new yuri micro-title “Flotsam Song”, a Greek Mythos Yuri NVL.

Selinuntius, the last siren, has long lived apart from her kin after becoming stranded while looking for Persephone. Despite numerous attempts from the village on the shore to slay her, none have succeeded—her song has always reached those who come near her island eventually.

One day, a girl rows towards Selinuntius’s island alone with an oar in injured hands and a smile on her face. What Selinuntius first believed was her effortlessly luring another victim morphs into the realization that the girl, Melos, could never hear her song in the first place—

This is a very small title that, per jam rules, will only have <1,000 words. Development is anticipated to be a 5-day affair at the shortest in part thanks to the extremely small limitations.

O2A2 is an annual jam where participants can only use 1 sprite, 1 background, 1 piece of music, 1 sound effect, and 1,000 words maximum.

Please look forward to the release.

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