milk+ visual Patreon Now Public!

July 2023 Patreon Rewards preview for milk+ visual. There's two stories, one fluffy and smutty, featuring characters from Three Lilies and Soundless. There's unannounced title info with a blurred screencap of character concept art. There's a sticker and a mini print, one with a mascot smiling with the words I like girls in a circle around her, the other the two mascots posing together. And there's more at

The Patreon is officially open for business!

Pledge today to get your rewards! Anyone and everyone can get things like early devlog posts, yuri stories & art and more, while qualifying tiers can do things like:

  • Vote on the next bi-monthly yuri story set!
  • View assets for unreleased games that won’t be going public!
  • See things about unannounced titles!
  • Start earning towards a monthly stream of stickers and mini prints!
  • Access special Discord channels and get special Discord role colors!
  • View Patron-only streams and ask any questions for a monthly Patron-only Q&A (coming next month)!
  • Vote on aspects of game development!
  • And more…

(Please note that this Patreon is ADULTS ONLY. You must be 18 or older to pledge.)

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