[Newsletter Archive] (SPOILER ALERT) Soundless FV: What Is Adiaphoron?

Originally published October 1, 2022.

You shouldn’t be reading this post if you haven’t finished Soundless!

At last, I reveal just what’s going on in Adiaphoron. This is the last pre-release issue!

I am warning you again that beyond this point there are spoilers.

I believe I said this before, but Adiaphoron essentially replaces the 1st anniversary side novel, Lonely Ruby Aria. While that side novel took place in the past, this one takes place some time after the main story. Like the side novel was going to, it features Nyn, or as she’s referred to now and before: Nina.

Mercy curled up looking sad on her bed in her room. An inky branch is growing beside her, and two beetles with big eyes are on her shoulder.

Nina wakes up in the town again, with some recollection of what she was doing between her death and her revival. She’s found by a revived Delilah who tells her something equally as unbelievable as the rest of the situation:

There are two towns, and the path can only lead to one or the other.

Just how are they supposed to get out of this situation?

Faust looking smugly out the window. His body is wrapped completely in bandages and he's wearing a hospital gown-like shirt.

Clocking in at only about half the size of Soundless, Adiaphoron ties up some emotional loose ends and focuses less on the denpa and more on the characters and some lore, though it’s just as bizarre as Soundless‘s final act. Everyone save the Head appears, and you are able to see how the characters behave when removed from the cult situation.

Also, girls finally kiss!

Nina and her mother poring over documents and files in the nuclear fallout shelter. Nina is bent over a binder with a thoughtful expression, while her mother is on the terminal behind her typing away at the keyboard. They have their original brown hair and brown eye colors.

I wholeheartedly recommend Adiaphoron if you are attached to the characters first and foremost. It’s not required reading at all, and you don’t have to finish Adiaphoron to consider Soundless checked off on a backlog. However, if you do choose to read it…well, while it’s not as oppressive and violent, Soundless‘s sharp teeth are still very much in there.

This is the final pre-release issue. I am collaborating with my editors on the final version of Adiaphoron’s script and finalizing art assets as I write this. Pretty much everything is about to be implemented.

The PC version of Soundless releases on October 6th for Windows, Mac, and Linux. No exact time for when it will be uploaded, but it will be announced when it is!

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