March 2019 Monthly

March 2019 Monthly

:blobsweats: So! We missed January and February. Life hit us like a truck. There were some setbacks. You know how it is with one-man teams. Here are our mildly crunchy plans. Get the new website done…now…please By all means, the new site design is nearly done–we just need to put the finishing touches on the

MILK+ Super Cool Monthly News (temp name) November 2018

Merry Retail Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. This is MILK+ here bringing you a brand new monthly news feature that tells you everything we’re going to be doing (or want to do…) right now because apparently Weekly Development Posts fell through months ago. Oops. Maybe “what we’re gonna do” will be a

Soundless Released + Hurricane Maria Relief

Soundless has officially been released! You can get it here off for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The game is free, but it’s set to “name your price” so that you can support us. However, in wake of Hurricane Maria, anything that’s donated between now and October 6th 8:00PM PDT will go to World Hope

We Have To Delay It For A Week, But Man, Are We Close

Hey everyone, The stress of crunch has caught up with me and has taken a toll on my physical health. For instance, I just stared at the screen for five minutes while writing this post because I forgot how to $ renpy.speak.language(“American English”) In this state I’ll either be unable to release the game right

Soundless Final Draft Complete, Programming Stage Reached

It’s actually been done for a few days now, but I finally found the time to announce it today (I’m still getting the hang of being a good manager, someone please help Beignet) To speed up the process I’m slamming QC, programming, selecting sounds and drawing the last CGs all in to one so we

Soundless Sample Page Released

The sample page for Soundless has finally been released! You can view it here. There are a couple of new CGs that can be viewed. There’s also a new commemorative banner celebrating the upcoming release date on the website’s front page. The full version of the image can be seen here. With this, we really

After 2 Months

Soundless is cursed just like The Omen, The Phantom of the Opera and Poltergeist. I’m kidding…I hope. It seems as if every time I try to work on Soundless something bad happens. Some worrying things happened here and there earlier in production which I won’t go into detail about…but I believe announcing the release date