Soundless Released + Hurricane Maria Relief

Soundless has officially been released!

You can get it here off for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The game is free, but it’s set to “name your price” so that you can support us. However, in wake of Hurricane Maria, anything that’s donated between now and October 6th 8:00PM PDT will go to World Hope International’s Hurricane Maria Response Fund. Absolutely nothing will go to either milk+ or; it will all be for the charity. We will announce how much has been raised when the time period ends and will donate it all in one go once releases the 7-day hold on profits.

If you don’t want the game, please visit World Hope International’s website yourself and give what you can.

Thank you in advance for any donations made.

Creator’s note under the cut.

I’ve been waiting a long time to do something like this.

Visual novels are something I love deeply and have loved since I was in middle school. I’ve gone so far as to start learning Japanese just to read untranslated ones. It’s a unique medium that can do things that film, books, and even “normal” video games cannot accomplish. I found that quite fascinating about it. My friends who hate reading books love to read visual novels, and me, someone who has trouble sitting down and watching a film, can put a visual novel on auto-read and save my place when I get restless again.

I’ve been drawing and writing since I was little. I’m the type of person who enjoys creative pursuits. I’m disabled and have difficulty doing simple things like going to the store, so I don’t have much to offer this world other than the things I can create. Therefore, I decided to start making visual novels.

Soundless was a bit of a half-baked thought that evolved into a labor of love and a real story as I kept working on it. I made it during a difficult time in my life, which it’s why it ended up becoming what I’m releasing now. It’s more personal than it seems, whether through metaphor or things that have actually happened to me. I won’t be specific about it as it is very personal, so you can draw your own conclusions about that instead.

Whether people hate it or love it, or don’t really feel either way about it, I’m glad I managed to muster up the courage to do something like this.

Thank you for your support and see you next game,


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