MILK+ Super Cool Monthly News (temp name) November 2018

Merry Retail Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. This is MILK+ here bringing you a brand new monthly news feature that tells you everything we’re going to be doing (or want to do…) right now because apparently Weekly Development Posts fell through months ago. Oops. Maybe “what we’re gonna do” will be a lot easier to stick to than “what we did do” in our (my) current health hell situation.

These posts will be separated into sections. What kinds of sections? Any sections…usually game-related sections. You’ll see. Format subject to change. Purpose subject to change.

MILK+ General Plans

We have redesigned our logo, reworded our branding a little and plan to release a new, modernized, responsive website design this month. Basically, we are getting rid of the gaudy crap and giving mobile users a hamburger menu. Neat, huh?

Get a load of THIS baby.

Soundless website design will be left unchanged because we did that on purpose. Sorry to everyone who doesn’t like Times New Roman.


We are changing course from a fake mobile port to a real mobile port because we realized a fake mobile port is actually harder to make than a real mobile port. It’s not fun to leave a computer running for 6 hours recording your visual novel and then you come back and find out auto-read isn’t even halfway through. Android users, get ready.

Unfortunately, iOS users should not get ready because unless you’re tech-savvy and rooted your phone, you can’t install a third-party application. The same goes for anyone who owns a phone with an OS that Ren’Py doesn’t support. That’s the biggest downside of changing courses. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and hope that someday we will have the money to buy a spot on the App Store.

(Though…there’s a spot of hope. We don’t have any experience with sideloading applications on iOS without root. Can it be done these days? If you know, please tell us.)

Soundless: Lonely Ruby Aria

We’ve ironed out a few more details about the release. We want to release a free edition with no illustrations and a deluxe edition with illustrations and design notes for both Soundless and LRA. We’re still not sure if it would be more practical to make a separate Itch page for LRA or make both versions of the novel DLC for the original page. Maybe the second one.

To elaborate on the design notes, the idea right now is to put them after the story in the deluxe version. It will contain character designs and trivia, lore notes, and a postmortem. We’d also like to let you all know that Soundless originally did not have proper character design sheets, so most of the pages for Soundless will have new art.

What about the meat of the story, you ask?

We already know what we want it all to be about and the first draft is already underway…but we’re keeping it a secret still. Shhh. Though you can probably guess what it is (it’s a prequel wow).


We’re springing back into development after our long hiatus with GUI revamps and a new logo. New logo and GUI will be made public when they’re done, but in the meantime Patrons can watch the magic as it unfolds in the Patron-only Discord channel.


office lady fans will get their justice in due time

PAPAIRA’s Health

The bad news is that I have a migraine problem now and I’m still constantly tired. The good news is that I’m not dying.

That concludes this month’s Monthly. Our Patreon and Discord are still things. They’re not very active, but if you don’t mind that feel free to pledge or join. Patrons will get the best deal out of joining the Discord because the development channels get some love.

Perhaps our Patreon is due for another restructure now that we are becoming more and more aware of our (my) limitations…

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