milk+ Really Cool Super Monthly News Christmas Edition December 2018

milk+ Really Cool Super Monthly News Christmas Edition December 2018

Happy holidays everyone, it’s time for another monthly installment! We actually almost forgot to write this up. Wew lads.

milk+ General Plans

Website redesign is still on-going. We’re currently drawing cute little super deformed Magentas for decoration. Here’s a preview of some of them!

If you want to know how they’ll be rendered, take a look at this.

Soundless + LRA

We’re drawing a cover for LRA right now! No WIPs yet, but it’s coming. The first draft is halfway finished as well.

Soundless mobile port has been stalled due to lots going on.


Unfortunately, because of how hectic life has been we’re giving 7388 and POLYCHROMANIA TBA release dates for now. However, the GUI redesign for 7388 is still going strong! The text box and quick menu are going through some major changes. The colors you see in this little demonstration of a bug we’re fixing are temporary, but the symbols are permanent.

Twitter link to demonstration:

By the way, we also made a cool new promotional image for 7388, but we’re keeping that one a secret until we can feature it in a post with more 7388 dev work. You can see it in our Discord, though.

PAPAIRA’s Health

Always remember to stay hydrated if you come down with food poisoning or you will never release a visual novel ever.

That concludes this month’s monthly. It is a very sad and short monthly, but who knows? Maybe we will finish something by Christmas time…

No promises, though. Or I’ll get sick worrying about keeping the promise. It would be very counterproductive.

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