Soundless 1st Anniversary Celebration + 7388 News

Soundless 1st Anniversary Celebration + 7388 News

In one week, it’ll officially be the one year anniversary of the release of Soundless!

To celebrate Soundless’s 1st anniversary and thank everyone for all their support, we’ve got a few special surprises. And for those of you here for 7388, we’ve got some great news for you too!

Soundless Version 2.0

A big update will be coming to Soundless. This update includes the following:

  • Update to version 7 of the engine
  • Fixes to grammar, rewrites of prose
  • Certain music track replacements
  • Complete scene rewrites for certain scenes that flowed awkwardly
  • An additional day in the storyline along with an additional CG
  • Significant changes to the special post-game bonus content
  • Better visual impairment accessibility
  • Better fix for a memory error introduced in v1.2

This update is not only a great introduction to Soundless for newcomers, but also a nice treat for those who have already read Soundless. This update will also be the final update with changes to the actual content of the visual novel; further updates will be exclusively on the technical side.

Additionally, due to the large changes to the actual content of the visual novel, we will be leaving up a public archive of the current version (1.2.1) for historical purposes.

Soundless “Mobile” Version

Due to certain complications regarding the Ren’Py engine version Soundless was first created in and the way the UI is set up, a true mobile port of Soundless cannot be made without taking a significant amount of development time away from 7388 and POLYCHROMANIA. We also cannot come up with the funds for an App Store listing and do not have a PC capable of booting a virtual machine for testing.

However, we still want to make Soundless available to those without access to a PC. As such, we will be uploading self-voiced and non-self-voiced playthroughs of it on our YouTube channel.

And last but not least…
Soundless Short Novel “Lonely Ruby Aria”

The sapphire, beautiful and perfectly cut as it was, awed all who viewed it and was lovingly revered.
And as consequence, none took notice of the rough ruby sitting just behind it…

A short novel featuring Nyn is in production. We recommend this novel to those who have completed Soundless and to those who are anticipating POLYCHROMANIA. Planned to be 40-60 pages long, it will be released in .PDF format. More information to come soon.

7388 News

Following the release of Soundless v2.0, 7388 production will restart in earnest.

Please look forward to seeing your companion YF-MEROPE-853 either near the end of this year or at the very start of 2019.

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