7388, POLYCHROMANIA Delayed For Health Reasons


I will be speaking personally as PAPAIRA and not as the entity milk+ for this post. I believe the formal “we” is too detached for this subject.

For the past few weeks or so I have gone through a lot physically. It is common for those who draw often to experience carpal and/or cubital tunnel syndrome if they do not pace and stretch themselves properly. Between crunching on 7388 assets and working on commission work unrelated to visual novel development, my ulnar nerve has started to become entrapped, which makes it extremely painful to draw. I’ve found myself going days without working out of fear that I will cause irreversible damage and trigger muscle wasting. This is why those of you who are in the milk+ Discord server have not seen any activity in the development channel.

Additionally, in the past week I have experienced minor vision problems in my left eye. There is a strange black spot on my iris, and, out of concern it may be an ocular melanoma, I am going to see a doctor soon to diagnose the problem.

You can imagine that this means that 7388 will not be releasing on May 16. Out of concern for my physical health I will also not announce a new release date at this time, though I can assure you that it will definitely release in 2018. From here on out I will no longer place hard release dates on things until I am absolutely certain they are close to completion. I must accept that I am not an AAA studio; I am just one person.

I extend my deepest apologies towards anyone who was looking forward to 7388’s release on the 16th.



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