Important Information

Note: this post was pre-written on May 5th and scheduled to post on the 7th.

Hello everyone. Papaira here.

To make a long story short, I have recently (and suddenly) been evicted out of my home, and my family and I have been given a week to move out. We’re fine, but that leaves me with barely any time to work on Soundless for an entire week and a few days, which is a serious problem, as art assets are incredibly time-consuming and the release date is two and a half months away.

Furthermore, I will be unable to send curry completed preview assets and screenshots to put in blog posts, nor will I be able to update the website, as I don’t know how long we’ll be without internet once we settle in. I may be able to occasionally pop in by using a friend’s or a coffee shop’s WiFi, but that’s about it.

Will this affect the release date? Honestly, it’s up in the air. If I settle in quickly enough and use the lack of online distractions to my advantage, I could make up for the lost time. But it all depends on how life chooses to time things. After all, this is a move involving a small family and a few pets. I’m not the only one who needs to move their things and settle in.

In the meantime, curry will be providing small update posts weekly as I try my best to describe what I’m doing with the game to him over text message.

See you all whenever.

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