After 2 Months

Soundless is cursed just like The Omen, The Phantom of the Opera and Poltergeist.

I’m kidding…I hope.

It seems as if every time I try to work on Soundless something bad happens. Some worrying things happened here and there earlier in production which I won’t go into detail about…but I believe announcing the release date really angered whatever spiritual/divine being I offended.

Remember when I said my family was fine? We were not fine and we are still not fine. I have lost access to medication and thus a healthy level of motivation. I have to completely rely on mustered-up willpower to work on Soundless now. I am staying at a friend’s; I have no home. Progress is at an all-time low. None of the artwork I planned to complete has been completed.

Of course, I refuse to cancel anything nor cut corners because I am just that stubborn.

Soundless will be pushed back to September 22, 2017. I apologize.

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