Soundless Final Draft Complete, Programming Stage Reached

It’s actually been done for a few days now, but I finally found the time to announce it today (I’m still getting the hang of being a good manager, someone please help Beignet)

To speed up the process I’m slamming QC, programming, selecting sounds and drawing the last CGs all in to one so we can get this all out in time for the release date, which is 10 days from now. It should not take too long.

Here’s the progress now, we’re so close!

Scenario – 99% | Quality check
Artwork – 95% | Just a few more CGs left
Sounds & Music – 80% | Collecting SFX
Programming – 15% | Taking the story from the word processor and putting it in a format Ren’Py can read (this is actually quite painful)

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