Announcements Regarding Staff

Hello, everyone!

My name’s Beignet, and I would like to announce that I will be the new PR and SMS manager of MILK +!  I look forward to working with Papaira and with all of our fans.  I, unfortunately, don’t have any social media I can link as of right now, but I will in the future!  So as we wait, I’ll give some information about myself: I’m an aspiring artist and writer, as well as an avid learner of languages.  I can speak English fluently and Chinese at a proficient level, along with basic skills in Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and German; so to our overseas fans, please feel free to contact me if you don’t feel comfortable using English.

For some other news, I’m sad to inform that Curry, the former PR and SMS manager, has left MILK +.  He has decided to leave due to recently being employed at a job that requires lots of dedication and commitment; Curry still continues to support us as best as he can.

Reminder: Soundless comes out this month!

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