MILK+ Super Cool Monthly News (temp name) November 2018

Merry Retail Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. This is MILK+ here bringing you a brand new monthly news feature that tells you everything we’re going to be doing (or want to do…) right now because apparently Weekly Development Posts fell through months ago. Oops. Maybe “what we’re gonna do” will be a

7388, POLYCHROMANIA Delayed For Health Reasons

Hello, I will be speaking personally as PAPAIRA and not as the entity milk+ for this post. I believe the formal “we” is too detached for this subject. For the past few weeks or so I have gone through a lot physically. It is common for those who draw often to experience carpal and/or cubital

Discord Public, Patreon Updated!

We’ll admit it: we might have flown a little too close to the sun and overestimated how in-demand our Discord and Patreon are. So, we’ve recently reworked our Patreon! We now have three tiers instead of five, and anyone who pledges at least one dollar will get access to all Patron-only posts. Non-Patrons will also

“project mania” Title Reveal: POLYCHROMANIA

The true name and logo have been unveiled for our second project! You can view an updated teaser site here. This month, we will be revealing the characters one by one starting on the 12th. We also suggest you follow the Twitter account linked on the teaser site. While this Twitter account doesn’t seem to