“project mania” Title Reveal: POLYCHROMANIA

The true name and logo have been unveiled for our second project! You can view an updated teaser site here.

This month, we will be revealing the characters one by one starting on the 12th. We also suggest you follow the Twitter account linked on the teaser site. While this Twitter account doesn’t seem to be doing anything special aside from creating non-sequitur blips at the moment, the content of the tweets will change over time as we continue to work on POLYCHROMANIA.

POLYCHROMANIA is planned to be a commercial 18+ horror visual novel that takes place in Tokyo in 2038. All of the characters involved are working adults, struggling to find their own paradise in the midst of a nightmarish age of history. The game will feature two heroines, a variety of endings, and guro. And, like with Soundless, it will feature only girl x girl couples!

The project is now at the tail end of the pre-production stage. We’re not sure on a release time yet, but we hope to have it ready by 2019 Q3 at the earliest.

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