Patreon Page Tier Draft Update

We’ve drastically changed our tiers to make them more affordable and contain more content per tier.

The new draft is as follows under the cut.

Skim Milk ($1 Minimum)

A good tier for those just seeking access to Patron-only channels and early news access.

With this tier, you’ll get…

  • Early access to public development updates
  • Access to the Discord
  • My eternal thanks
Whole Milk ($5 Minimum)

A simple behind-the-scenes tier that lets you get a glimpse into the development process.

With this tier, you’ll get…

  • Weekly detailed development updates that won’t be made public, including new artwork and sprites and small snippets of WIPs
  • A shout-out in the game credits
  • Plus previous rewards
Almond Milk ($10 Minimum)

A tier perfect for those seeking visual development updates, such as concept art and asset WIPs. Also the first tier to include a discount and unique channel access.

With this tier, you’ll get…

  • WIPs of game art assets/key promotional artwork
  • Access to concept art
  • Access to the channels #art-wips and #art-wips-nsfw
  • 25% discount on all games
  • Plus previous rewards
Chocolate Milk ($25 Minimum)

A full access pass to all development progress, not just concept art and WIPs. You’ll even get access to a special Discord channel where Papaira casually throws in snippets of what she’s working on.

With this tier, you’ll get…

  • Access to the full development process, including music prototypes, scenario drafts, alpha/beta screenshots, and more!
  • Access to the #dev-muttering channel
  • A shout-out in the game credits, but with a custom title of your choice next to it
  • 50% discount on all games
  • Plus previous rewards
Pearl Milk Tea ($40 Minimum)

A VIP tier with access to not only the full development process on our current game, but information about future games and even immediate access to our closed betas without having to apply first. You also get free games!

With this tier, you’ll get…

  • Instant access to beta testing without having to go through the application process
  • Access to our business roadmap and future game information
  • A large credits shout-out, with a custom title and a cute icon of a cast member of your choosing (or a pairing!)
  • Free games!
  • Plus previous rewards

Feel free to let us know what you think!

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