Happy New Yuri 2024 from milk+ visual!

magenta, merope, and monochrome all walking in a line in dragon costumes. monochrome's costume seems to have bitten her and made her bleed but she does not care. text at bottom reads milk+ visual 2024 "LIKE A DRAGON"

What an active year 2023 was for us! With dozens upon dozens of devlogs and a whopping two releases (four if you count Soundless-related things), we shall pridefully shout to the world that we’re back, baby!

To recap…

The sole loose end from last year is the Soundless digital artbook, which is currently in production. After that, what’s next? That’s simple!

What’s next are two things:

1. The return of 7388, our 2018 NaNoRenO game, to active development.

2. A website overhaul…with a store. That’s right. A store!

If you’ve been here a while, you probably know 7388 already; if you don’t, the short of it is that it’s a visual novel about two AI investigating post-apocalyptic Florida. You can play the proof-of-concept we released for NaNoRenO here!

We’ll be gradually unveiling more and more of what we’re doing with 7388 publicly. On Patreon, Patrons have already gained access to a couple of 7388 pre-production posts, so if you’re interested in getting morsels now you can pledge today!

There’ll be more this month, so stay tuned. And if you’d like, you can download this year’s 2024 image and use it as a wallpaper! The full res is attached to this Patreon post.

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