Three Lilies Available in Queer Halloween Stories Bundle

Three Lilies Available in Queer Halloween Stories Bundle
three lilies x queer halloween stories 2023 bundle promotional image. support three lilies and 100 other projects. $60 edition link: $10 edition link:

We’re happy to announce our participation in the Queer Halloween Stories 2023 Bundle, a mutual aid bundle with over 100 different Halloween-themed projects, from digital games, physical games, books, zines, comics, and even audio dramas! Among them is none other than Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories, our yuri ghost story anthology visual novel! All the revenue is evenly split between every participant, including milk+ visual!

There are two editions of the bundle: the $60 Fright Edition and the $10+ Treat Edition. If you’re able, we recommend you get the $60 edition, but if you want to support everyone without breaking the bank, the $10+ edition is always there!

Note: Some of these pieces contain adult themes. You must be 18 years or older to purchase the Queer Halloween Stories Bundle.

What’s all in there?

Within the bundle, there is exactly:

  • 83 Digital Games (with 2 separated translated builds)
  • 22 Physical Games
  • 7 Books/Zines
  • 3 Comics
  • 3 Audio Dramas

So, even if you’ve already played Three Lilies, there’s even more Halloween-y goodness for you to explore! There’s other yuri visual novels, artbooks, and even a roguelike!

What’s Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories?

Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories is a linear ghost story anthology visual novel. Contained within it are three stories featuring three different couples, all in their own distinct time periods, locations, and genres. With a cinematic direction style and the option to play on PC, Mac, and even Android, it’s the perfect visual novel to enjoy during the ghastliest month of the year!

What are you waiting for? Get it today and have plenty to enjoy throughout October, all while supporting countless artists!

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