Soundless Art Update Patch Coming September 29th

Soundless Art Update Patch Coming September 29th
psychedelic banner of auma from soundless

The artwork update for soundless – A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA – will be live on September 29th, 2023, the date of the game’s sixth anniversary. This update was confirmed last year as a part of the fifth anniversary celebrations. Every original asset in the main game has been redrawn by the original artist. 

Players will be able to toggle between old and new art and can view both versions of the artwork in a reworked version of the gallery. For those who already have the game installed, we recommend re-installation of the game as this version also includes critical engine updates.

A lead-up campaign featuring stylish new character profiles and characters’ reworked sprites will be taking place across milk+ visual social media accounts throughout the week. An art progress stream featuring the completion of the final CG is slated for Tuesday.

Associated Substack devlog.

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