Patreon Launch Set For July 8th, Soundless Art Update Patch For Fall 2023 At Latest

Patreon Launch Set For July 8th, Soundless Art Update Patch For Fall 2023 At Latest
remade cg of auma and nyn's priestess reveal

Our Patreon will be launching on Saturday, July 8th! That’s right! This week!

What you can expect from the first month of launch!

Monthly Stories — “Shopping Date” (Sweet) and “Devotion” (Spicy)

For the first of the bi-monthly special side stories, we’ll be seeing how Song Anna and Yu Huifang are doing after the events of Countryside, as well as a spicy story about the head of the Barrier family having a special encounter with Yiea in the middle of the night…

These stories come with art as promised! “Shopping Date” features artwork of Anna and Huifang shopping in a wet market while “Devotion” comes with a lovely ambient pin-up of Yiea. Please look forward to previews as we near the day of launch!

Patrons at the $5 tier and higher will then be able to vote on the September stories. The voting period lasts until the end of July—then, we spend the time in August to prepare the next one for you all. Please look forward to it!

Merch Rewards — “I LIKE GIRLS” 3” x 3” Sticker and “Mascots” 4” x 6” Mini Art Print

All throughout July, if you pledge at the appropriate tiers, you can start working towards these merch rewards that will be sent to you in September!

sticker of magenta smiling with "I LIKE GIRLS" text in a circle around her
mini print preview of magenta and monochrome posing together

This merch will only be sent to you if you start your pledges in July and keep pledging until your September pledge is processed. Please do stick around to receive them! And be sure to provide your address so Patreon can send them over.

You’ll also be able to vote for what the merch for August will be! Per the Patreon Merch system, that August merch will be sent over to Patrons who successfully pledge from August to October. We’re excited to see what you want!

Special Unannounced Game News…With Concept Art!

preview of concept art of a sketchy wing with the handwritten text "feather arm?" underneath

We’ll be participating in something this month. What is it? What will we be doing for it? Well, pledge and see! You’ll get to see all of our preproduction stuff on it, so please look forward to it!

Keyword: Greece.

And of course, next week’s devlog posted nice and early for Patrons!

Patrons get all devlogs one day early!

While there’s no way to pledge or view the creator page yet, feel free to bookmark the Patreon URL here to check when it’ll be up on the day of. And of course, we’ll be sending out e-mails the moment it launches, so if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the Substack!

Additionally, the version of the Soundless opening with updated art is now available to view on YouTube.

The Soundless art update patch is slated for Fall 2023 at the latest, and may release earlier than anticipated.

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