[Newsletter Archive] Soundless FV: Accessibility, Part 2

Originally published September 8, 2022.

Part 2 of the accessibility series covers sound captions, as well as the new way notifications are displayed in Final Verse.

Sound Captions

A Soundless screenshot where the player is notified at the top that a sound effect for running is playing.
A Soundless screenshot where the player is notified at the top that the song Doon Po Sa Amin is playing.

This is a fairly straightforward new feature. If enabled, the player will see notifications at the top that inform them when various sounds and music pieces start playing. The appearance of these sound caption notifications is how all notifications in-game now look; for instance, the notification you see when you take a screenshot with the S key. It’s a step up from the way they originally appeared, which was the Ren’Py default. These notifications will also adhere to your font choice.

A screenshot showcasing what the screen looks like when the player is skipping. A bar runs along the left margin with the text "Skipping" vertically oriented inside of it.

The appearance of the skip indicator was also updated from the Ren’Py default. As shown here, it runs along the left margin of the screen. When both a notification and the skip indicator are shown, they will overlap. Kind of like…a cross!

This was pretty brief. Next issue won’t be so brief. It covers the shaking effects toggle and photosensitive mode, the latter of which was actually pretty hard to implement!

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