Three Lilies Updates Oh Yay!

Three Lilies Updates Oh Yay!
windows of WIP three lilies assets, many of it completed or nearly completed sprites

I think it’s finally about time for a good progress update on Three Lilies, don’t you? Also I wanted to make a blog post in general.


As has been announced previously, the new UI is basically done. All that’s left is a story select screen and that requires some backgrounds to be finished for their lineart on the buttons. Yay!


Countryside has 2 scenes left, Suburb has 6, and City has 3. To be more specific about Suburb, there’s multiple scenes where there’s a good big chunk written out, but they’re not quite finished finished, so there’s actually more progress than what meets the eye.

I’ve been alternating between writing and finishing up image assets. It’s more productive like this, rather than being stubborn and insisting I finish all the writing before I do the next thing on the roadmap.


Almost all the sprites are basically done. I’ve even already extracted Anna (though she needs to be re-extracted because I forgot her texture, oops). A third of the CGs are done. Backgrounds have gotten the short end of the stick, but in the featured image, you can see the Countryside village in the middle of coloring if you squint.

Nawra sprite of her looking a little shocked
This Nawra is a pretty good idea of what the final sprites will look like.


It’s still looking good for this year. I’m not going to say “Ideally I would like X” out loud, because that phrase is cursed and I will curse myself and everyone else. And nobody wants that.

That’s about it for progress! I’m excited to put it all together in the program. All the pictures move around in so many fun ways in my mind…it looks like Ts*kih*me Remake. (It probably won’t look much like Ts*kih*me Remake. (Unless?))

Anything else?

Ehh, I’m looking into some work for money? I don’t know if this will impact my output. It might hurt backgrounds progress just a little since those require a good amount of thought.

That’s all for now.

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